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There are five different Holy Grails in Terra; each is unique in its own right and serves a purpose for mages of each color:

  • If a mage possesses the correct Holy Grail for his color, it will resurrect 15% of battle losses for all stacks that weren't completely annihilated
  • Each Grail has an upkeep of 1,000 mana (500 on non-oversummoning servers)
    • The upkeep is charged whether or not you possess the correct Grail for your color. An Ascendant Mage will still get charged an upkeep for possessing the Red Grail but will receive no bonus whatsoever

Obtaining a Grail

  • Grails are easily obtained/stolen by using a Blood Stained Map and are considered to be the most common and inexpensive Unique Item particularly due to their short-lasting nature
    • The chance of obtaining each Grail is 3%, for a total of 15% each time a Map is used
    • When a Grail is granted to a mage, it is taken from the previous mage who owned it; the previous owner will lose it, but will not know who stole it
  • Grails are often for sale on the Black Market, so check often if you want one or set a pre-order; be sure to order the correct one for your color
  • Holy Grails can also be obtained from Treasure Chests, Science Most Favored, and any other practice that grants a Unique
    • It is generally considered a great disappointment if a mage is awarded a Holy Grail via a Treasure Chest or any method other than a Blood Stained Map, since the Holy Grails are common, cheap and short-lasting when compared to other Uniques
  • Only one copy of each grail normally exists in the game. However, when one is sold on the Black Market, a temporary duplicate can be created through using a Blood Stained Map. When the Black Market copy is sold, and re-enters the game, the second one will disappear

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