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This three inch tall brass bottle has a lead stopper sealed with some mysterious seals. When you pull the stopper out, a thin stream of smoke begin to waft from it, and slowly takes the shape of an Efreeti. He asks, "What is your wish, my master?".

Item Details
Name Efreeti Bottle
Attribute Unique Oneuse Selfonly
Charge turn 0


  • Grants the user either 2,000,000 mana, 200,000,000 geld, or 30 of one Lesser Item
  • This Unique is often a result of the Phantasm spell Wish
    • There can only be one Efreeti Bottle in Terra at any one time, so the spell Wish will often take the Bottle from another mage's possession if a mage holds onto it for a prolonged period of time
      • For this reason, it is usually a wise idea to either use or sell it as soon as possible after being granted the Bottle


You begin using the item Efreeti Bottle.
You gained 30 Treasure Chest.
You finished using the item Efreeti Bottle on yourself.
The item Efreeti Bottle is destroyed after use.

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