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This thin rod was fashioned from the bone of a Succubi. It has three notches carved into its thirteen inch length and tapers to a fine point, almost like a rapier's blade.

Item Details
Name Wand of Cursing
Attribute Unique Reusable
Charge turn 100


  • The Wand is a reusable and rechargeable Unique that targets enemy mages
  • When used, the Wand will inflict negative enchantment(s) on the target enemy mage
    • This effect can be blocked by barriers
    • The Wand will choose a random number of negative enchantments to cast on the target; it can be one enchantment, or seven
      • The Wand will not cast any enchantments that the target is currently inflicted by
      • The Wand costs mana to use; the cost is equal to 125% of the chosen enchantments normal cost with a minimum of 50,000 mana (i.e. if Confuse and Death and Decay are chosen, 125% of their respective costs would be 25,000 mana; this would not meet the minimum requirement, so it would consume 50,000 mana instead)
      • If the user does not have sufficient mana to cover to cost of casting, the mana will be drained and there will be no effect
  • The enchantments inflicted on the target will have a spell level equal to the owner's level + 50
  • The enchantments will last 49 turns
  • The Wand takes 100 turns to charge after use, and has no upkeep or cost besides the mana cost of the enchantments, as explained above

List of Possible Enchantments