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PSYCHIC is an attack type, with similar properties to MAGIC: both have a fixed random modifier of .5. All other attack types receive a random number between .2 and .8. (Nov/09)

This attack type is spread amongst all colors (but often and mistaken to be a blue specialty).

Units with PSYCHIC Attack are Nymph, Soul Speaker, Unholy Reaver, Succubus, Mind Ripper, Psychic Wisp, Siren. Blue units dominate, but black has access to the highest number of PSYCHIC units.

Note: As long as part of the unit's attack is PSYCHIC (or MAGIC) they will receive the fixed .5 multiplier. For instance a Mind Ripper's RANGED PSYCHIC still receives .5, even though it is also RANGED.


As MAGIC, PSYCHIC in battles it delivers a 'critical strike':

  • in terms of the damage formula, the "Random Multiplier" for this attack type is always 1
  • whereas for other attack types it randomly varies between .2 and .8.