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Delving deep into your store of energy, Summon Elemental calls upon the powers of the gods to send you their mightiest creatures, those created from the very fabric of Terra itself. The result of this spell is usually random, but can be controlled by experienced phantasm mages.

Spell Statistics
Name Conjure Elemental
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant/Summon, Selfonly, Selective
Cast Turn 9
Cast M.P. 280,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit Water Elemental, Air Elemental, Ice Elemental



70-100 of one elemental @ SL624

Elementals get a lot of heat for their weak defenses and random summoning, but all three of them have a netpower:damage ratio of about 20 making them some of the hardest hitting units in the game. Moreover, phantasm is the only color that can have 4 ultimates in their stack at the same time. That means blue has ample ability to try and outdamage enemies even on defense by using spells such as Slow, Paralyze, Sleep, etc. Of course the danger in fielding such damage-heavy/defense-light units is the enemy will match up against them and/or resist your spells and inflict serious losses. But the fear of running into such a random group of heavy-hitters makes blue a color that is sometimes avoided by attackers.