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The spell will place the caster's country under the direct protection of heavens. It can ward off all enemy magic, reflecting spells back to the caster. Although it gives some protection to other magics as well, Ascendant mages will benefit from greatest protection.

Spell Statistics
Name Heavenly Protection
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Rank Ancient
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 300,000
Research Cost -
Upkeep Cost 500 m.p.
Related Unit -


It gives you a chance to reflect your opponent's spell back at him(this includes battle spells).

Reflect chance: 33% on color Icon ASCENDANT.gif / 18% adjacent Icon PHANTASM.gifIcon VERDANT.gif / 6% opposite Icon NETHER.gifIcon ERADICATION.gif

Barrier and spell resistance are checked first before considering this spell.

This spell is NOT indexed to spell level. SL1 Heavenly protection gives the same chance as SL800. (game code -Paralytic 17:38, 24 August 2014 (CEST))


Tested on Phastasm at very high SL 665 It actually works together with Magic resistance,

33% above ++: max 75 resistance activates 2 times consecutive which is very rare (god's lvl 777 minds bar + high lvl minds bar)

20% : mid 33-55 resistance activates around 1 out of 5 of the time

10% : 0 resistance activates 1 out of 10 times

Reflects offensive enchantment with no upkeep

Reflects battle spells, battle spells is calculate based on attacker's On or Off color/SL (such as black casting giant strength)

It works very well with phastasm and casting Heaven protection is cheap , Just use magic favour + lvl5 Spell mastery = offset casting difference

Based on calculation : casting Near color Ancient is 120% instead of 125% So magic favour 10% + lvl 5 Spell Mastery near color 10% = offset