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This is the most devastating attack spell of all. This spell will summon eternal flame from the deepest layers of Hell and ignite everything in sight. It will kill most weaker creatures and can deliver mortal damage even to the most powerful units. Not even most ardent prayers will save those creatures without resistance to fire. Area of effect: all enemy units.

Spell Statistics
Name Inferno
Magic Speciality Eradication
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant/Battle
Cast Turn -
Cast M.P. 500,000
Research Cost 40,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


Deals fire damage to all enemy stacks.

  • ONCOLOR Icon ERADICATION.gif: 0.2 to 0.4 * SL * NumberOfUnitsInStack = ~94k to ~188k damage for every 1000 units.


  • Inflicts major fire damage on every enemy unit, smaller units receive far more damage than big ones.

Amount of damage dealt: { factor * ( Spell Level ) * ( Number of units ) } Fire damage. Will kill 50-70% of a zombie stack, for reference. "Fodder" units without eradication or fire resistance will usually be wiped out. (or mostly wiped out)


Popular during geddon to grief high-ranking mages. Example:

Enemy (#) casted Inferno.
Rast (#23) has a very strong barrier to magic.
Your artifact Oil Flasks was unable to penetrate the barriers and fizzled.
Lucifer, the Fallen Angel blessed Enemy (#)'s armies!
Rast (#23)'s 19 Vampires are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 20 Liches are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 58509 Ghoul are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 130908 Zombies are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 842 Wraiths are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 153231 Skeletons are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 16159 Shadows are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 17872 Wolf Raiders are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 4427 Archers are slain.
Rast (#23)'s 1229 Orcish Archers are slain.

Assault Note

Enemy (#)'s Archers attacked Rast (#23)'s Vampires.
Archers's attack failed.
Enemy (#)'s Archers were too distant, Rast (#23)'s Vampires were unable to counter strike.

Rast (#23)'s Vampires attacked Enemy (#)'s Archers.
Rast (#23)'s Vampires slew Enemy (#)'s 30 Archers.

You killed Enemy (#)'s 30/30 units and lost 383216/603914 units.
You blocked Enemy (#)'s attack successfully.
The enemy lost more of their army than you during the battle

Another Example:

Torch (#486) cast Inferno.
Torch (#486) used Oil Flasks.
Enemy(#) cast Curse.
Enemy (#) used Scroll of Protection from Fire.
Lucifer, the Fallen Angel blessed Torch (#486)'s armies!
Enemy (#)'s 1304543 Skeletons are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 446060 Zombies are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 62 Efreeti are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 11705 Lizard Men are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 16898 Bounty Hunters are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 5740 Mercenaries are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 1034 Trained Elephants are slain.