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The mage will be granted the favour of nature after this spell is chanted. The population will grow faster, your people will generate more gold, and creatures will come and join your army.

Spell Statistics
Name Nature's Favor
Magic Speciality Verdant
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 8
Cast M.P. 100,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost 1,000 m.p.
Related Unit


  • +(0.224 x Spell Level) food per farm.
  • Population income increased by: SL / 2000 = ~0.225% @ SL450
  • At base spell level, summons 15 Treants, 200 Dryads and 75 Nymphs per turn, increases farm food production, and gives a bonus to population income.
  • Summoning increases at higher spell level
  • Summoning is affected by Lady Luck and Lucifer Favoured status