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This wine may look like the ordinary fermented culinary drink, but it has been made with the whips of deer, sea lions, and tigers. A favorite drink of the kings, it increases reproductive power. However, the ordinary person may be able to obtain it for a price at the black market.

Item Details
Name Wine of the Three Whips
Attribute Lesser Oneuse Selfonly
Charge turn 0


  • Grants population equal to 10% of current population OR the difference between current population and population limit, whichever is lower
    • For example, if a mage has 50,000 / 100,000 population, using the Wine will grant 5,000 population (10% of current population)
    • For example, if a mage has 94,000 / 100,000 population, using the Wine will grant 6,000 population (the difference in current and max is lower as 10% would be 9,400)
  • Wine is often employed when recovering from a population spiral, along with Books of Prophecy; whereas the Book increases population by a static amount, the Wine uses a percentage, and thus, is less effective if a mage is at very low population

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