Call Mandrake

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Though composed entirely of plant matter, mandrakes are highly intelligent, and can understand every nuance of speech from both elven and human language from birth. Originally they were enchanted by renowned elf-bard Sylii the Songstress' sweet voice and harmonious aura. After listening to her many tales of the world's woes, the mandrakes all agreed to assist the cause of the verdant mages and spread word to all of their kindred throughout Terra. Now, for a small expenditure of mana to carry the words of power through the surrounding lands, the mandrakes can be called to fight alongside and verdant mage.

Spell Statistics
Name Call Mandrake
Magic Speciality Verdant
Rank Average
Attributes Instant/Summon, Selfonly
Cast Turn 2
Cast M.P. 29,500
Research Cost 1,800
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit Mandrake



  • Green: ~1000 @ SL463