Crypt Keeper

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A Crypt Keeper is one of the few humans the undead will allow to approach them, for he has a special place in the legions of the undead. It is the work of the Crypt Keeper that prevents the ghouls and liches from merely rotting away, and keep the vampires well fed. They posses limited necromancy abilities as well, and are capable of re-animating fallen undead. Some Crypt Keepers posses wide knowledge about the nature of death, and can employ it to drain magic power from the realm of death.

Hero Statistics
Profession Crypt Keeper
Magic Speciality Nether
Race Undead
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Male
Attack Power 3200 + 1600*level
Attack Type Poison
Counter Attack 800 + 400*level
Hit Points 3600 + 1800*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 500*level gold 50 + 5*level m.p. 20 + 5*level population
Abilities Animate Dead (9) Necromancy (16) Channeling (18)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Battle: Animate Dead (Lv.9)

  • Resurrects 3% + 1%/lvl of your slain undead units at the end of each battle

Passive: Necromancy (Lv.16)

  • Reduces upkeep of your undead units by 2% + 1%/lvl

Passive: Channeling (Lv.18)

  • Increases MP income by 2% + 1%/lvl

Preferred Units