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Several forms of protection exist in the game, to avoid having players find their mages totally annihilated when they login to their characters. These different kinds of protection are related to battles, power, land and troop loss. Mages that are subject to admin interference, are freshly reincarnated and freshly killed mages are also prevented from being attacked.

In the ranklist, Mage Status is indicated with one character codes.

Protection Status List

Symbol in

Damage protection

  • Over 30% of cumulative Net Power-loss in battles (siege,regular,pillage) over last 24 hours (moving window protection).
  • Status report displays this message: "Heavy damage makes travel to your land difficult. The situation will not improve until hh:mm:ss."
  • No new attacks possible, counters can still be taken. (Note: this can extend the time spent in Damage Protection, as you have lost NP again).
  • Spells, Items, Enchantments still possible to be cast on mage.
  • Status lasts, regardless of activities by the mage during protection, with exception:
  • Hatred status from God may make a god 'Speak against you in the council', meaning you cannot enter this protection.

Council protection

  • In the first 2000 turns, lost all units and dropped below 1500 acres of land
  • No attacks possibles, including no counters possbile.
  • Spells, Items, Enchantments still possible to be cast on mage.
  • Status lasts for a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Status is lost soon as a single turn is spend (can grade into Damage protection status).
  • Unique item may set this status once, for 24 hours.

Pillage protection

  • Max 10 pillages in last 24 hours (moving window protection)
  • Additional pillage attempts are blocked (blocked attacker does not lose war expense and turns).
not indicated

Volcano Eruption protection

  • Max 10 VEs in last 24 hours (moving window protection)
  • Additional incoming VEs are prevented (blocked caster does not lose mana and turns).

Meditation protection

  • On entering mediation, no offensive actions (attacks, spells, enchants) in last 24 hours, not Armageddon caster, not Armageddon beyond 4th seal.
  • No attacks possibles, including no counters possbile.
  • No Spells, Items, Enchantments possible to be cast on mage.
  • Meditation lasts 3 days + a bit of random time, max 1 hr.
  • On exit, all own enchantments cancelled (enchantments by your enemies stay, enchantments were gone before entering).
  • Turns accumulate during meditation

Meditating mages cannot be attacked.


Apprentice protection

  • first 120 turns,
  • little interaction with other mages possible
  • messaging and starting/joining guild possible (used a lot when server is just restarted)

Frozen Hell protection

  • The game admin has decided to stop this mage from participating in the game.
  • This is a punishment for cheating. The player can email the admin to complain, but usually punishment is not without reason.
  • Mages with open counters can attack the Frozen mage, other mages cannot.
  • Frozen mage can be suicided soon as all counters have run out. No other option is available for this mage.

Novice protection

  • dummy mage created by tutorial engine.
  • no interaction with other mages possible (if you CAN, report the bug!)

Cemetery mage

  • Dead mage that has not yet been logged in to since death (player has not seen 'You have been executed' message).
  • Guild membership is displayed, up to 3 days after leaving guild.
  • No interaction with other mages possible