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  • To change existing text: click edit in the top menu.
  • To add a new page:
    • insert a link to a non-existing page in an existing one,
    • by surrounding the new page name with double square brackets [[Like This]],
    • then click that link and fill the new page.

Formatting in Wiki

Normal text stays normal text
double or triple single quote's makes:
''italics'' becomes italics
'''bold text''' becomes bold

<nowiki>text with [[ stuff used</nowiki>

headers and contents box
To tag headers, use:
=Heading level 1=
==Heading level 2==
===Heading level 3===

If three or more heading lines occur on a page,
automatically a content box is added

and did you notice the buttons
at the top of the edit box?

HTML also works.

  • Especially <br> is nice

for line breaking.

  • the HTML table tags work very nice too

when you type something like this:
* a bullet list
* b bullet list
** b2 bullet list
** b3 bullet list
* c bullet list

wiki makes this from it

  • a bullet list
  • b bullet list
    • b2 bullet list
    • b3 bullet list
  • c bullet list


  • Are used to label groups of individual pages and list them automatically on special category-pages.
  • To label a page to be of a certain category, you edit the page,
    • and then add [[Category:Category Name]]
  • To start a sub-category, you edit the sub-category page
  • To link to a category page, you edit a page
    • and then add [[:Category:Category Name]] or [[:Category:Category Name|Category Name]]
    • so the diference between 'linking to' and 'labeling as' can be as much as a single colon ":".


Editing in stuff like this: {{Navigation}} gives:

Encyclopedia | Units | Spells | Items | Heroes | Skills | Buildings | Guides
Wiki categories | Units | Spells | Items | Heroes | Skills | Resources | All lists

{{Resourcesnav}} gives:

Turns | Mana | Geld | Population | Land | Items | Spells

{{Spellnav}} gives:

{{Red}}, {{White}}, {{Green}}, {{Black}}, {{Blue}}, {{Plain}} gives:

Icon ERADICATION.gif, Icon ASCENDANT.gif, Icon VERDANT.gif, Icon NETHER.gif, Icon PHANTASM.gif, Icon PLAIN.gif

{{Pentegram}} gives:

Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon PLAIN.gifIcon NETHER.gif