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This strange deck has many cards magically woven together. Choosing a card appears to be easy, living with the results may not be.

Item Details
Name Deck of Many Things
Attribute Unique Reusable Selfonly
Charge turn 100


  • A reusable Unique, the owner 'draws a card' by using the Deck, causing either a positive or negative effect to occur
  • These effects vary wildly and each effect has a corresponding 'card name' found below
  • The fourth card drawn will always be 'Escape' and will return the Deck to the Unique Pool; it can also be the first, second or third card drawn
    • If the 'Escape' card is drawn on the first draw, the Deck will return to the Pool and essentially grant nothing to the user
  • Purportedly, Lady Luck affects the chances of a positive card being drawn

Positive Cards:

  • Recharge: Restores 200% of maximum mana
  • Wisdom: Raises a random friendly hero's level by up to 2
  • Supplication: Grants the favor of two random Gods
  • Jester: Changes 1 random stack in the friendly army to a different random stack of equal power (i.e. changing Red Dragons into Phoenixes)
  • Nookie: Grants an increase in population up to 300% of maximum population
  • Life: Grants the user Protection from Evil, Heavenly Protection, Mind Barand Sunrayfor 50 - 99 turns
  • Sage: Grants the user an increase of 5 Skill Points
  • Banker: Grants the user gold equal to 50% of user's current gold or 500,000,000 gold - whichever is less
  • Explorer: Grants 10% of mage's current land total in Wilderness or 350 acres - whichever is more
  • Jackpot: Grants the user 30 of 1 Lesser Items
  • Fate: Grants the user Lady Luck
  • The Hero: Grants the user a random hero between the levels of 14 and 19
  • Recruiter: Grants the user a random stack of units

Negative Cards:

  • Wasteland: 20% of all the user's buildings turn into Wilderness
  • Jack: No effect, wasted draw
  • Befuddlement: Reduces a random hero's level by up to 2
  • Loneliness: A random hero retires from your service
  • Penance: Draws the fury of two Gods, causing disfavour
  • Drain: Drains 100% of the user's remaining mana
  • Rot: The user's farmland turns into wilderness
  • Lazy: The user loses 5 skill points
  • Anti-Magic: Cancellation is cast upon the user
  • Deserter: Disbands one random stack in the user's army
  • Fool: Destroy Artifacts is cast upon the user
  • Fate: The Star of Luck avoids the user
  • Begger: The user loses half of their gold
  • Escape: The Deck of Many Things returns to the Unique Pool. This is ALWAYS the fourth card drawn; it is also a possible outcome of the first, second, and third draws.

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