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This spell will lock up the mind of any enemy who dares afflict your empire with offensive enchantments or sorceries. In this way, Mind Bar effectively bestows resistance against all spells, particularly those of the Phantasm discipline.

Spell Statistics
Name Mind Bar
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 7
Cast M.P. 10,000
Research Cost 4,000
Upkeep Cost 500 m.p.
Related Unit


Increases spell resistance to all five spell types. Amount of resistance gained depends on your spell level.

  • ONCOLOR Icon PHANTASM.gif: 0.0765 * SL = ~47.7% @ SL624
  • OFFCOLOR Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon NETHER.gif: 0.04 * SL = ~18% @ SL450
  • OPPOSITE Icon ERADICATION.gifIcon VERDANT.gif: 0.035 * SL = ~15.75% @ SL450
  • GOD: 59% Phantasm, 39% rest @ SL777

NOTE: this spell is extremely expensive to maintain, and I would only suggest using it above 5000 acres, or in a war. I am sure someone will come along with the numbers for base phantasm spell level

If you really want to run this enchantment with a small land size, save a significant amount of turns (the more the better), dispel this enchantment when you log on, and pray that you won't get any attacks when you use your turns for researching or summoning etc. Eventually your mana reserve will recover. After you used most of your turns, recast and log off.