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Decalogue Violation Punishments

When it has been determined that a mage has violated the decalogue, the game admins will decide on a punishment for the mage depending on the given situation. Below are the punishments that the game admins may use, and the general guidelines that they follow when issuing punishments. See also category:Admin Spells.

Note: the lists of what actions bring which punishments is only a general guideline, and the game admins may decide to increase or decrease the punishments due to the situation that they find.

The following are general punishments for the following offenses:


Warnings are issued to players informing them that either a rule has been violated or that they are in danger of violating a rule. Generally warnings are only given for first time offenses; if a player has already been warned and repeats the offense then they will likely receive a punishment.

Things that may receive a warning:

  • Offensive language that is used as part of speech and not directed at another player as an insult. Example: Sending a war arrow with the message, "F***! You onlined me! Dai!!!"
  • Illegal coordination within a mage chain as per the policy on mage alliance chains.
  • Revealing minor in-game information. Example: Posting hero kills with mage names and IDs in mage descriptions.
  • Use of minor scripts/bots.
  • Failure to register as a multiaccount if the account requires it.


Mute makes it impossible to communicate with other mages over our forums. This is a punishment for repeated foul mouthing / swearing / intimidation / verbal harrassment / stalking / spamming and other 'annoying my fellow players' behaviour.

Time Twister [TT]

A Time Twister punishment will remove a full turn set from a mage. If a mage has full turns when a TT is issued then their turns are set to 0. Turns can go negative if they were less than full when the TT was issued. TTs are generally issued for serious decalogue infractions, or when a player has ignored a warning. A timetwister will not be reversed after it is issued.

Things that may receive a timetwister:

  • Offensive or harassing language that is used to insult or attack another player. Example: "You stupid b***h, I'm going to kill you!"
  • Illegal coordination within a mage chain as per the policy on mage alliance chains.
  • Illegal coordination between ND and guilded mages (not including serenity: see below).
  • Revealing in-game information to non-allies.
  • Minor milking.

Frozen Hell [FoG]

Frozen Hell removes a player from the game, making it so that you may not log into your mage at all. Only mages with a counter may attack your mage while it is frozen. After 6 days your mage will die unless Frozen Hell is removed by a game admin. During this period you may either appeal the game admin's decision, or accept it and suicide your mage. Frozen status is usually given out for repeated violations (after a warning and/or a TT has been issued and ignored). Fury of God (FoG) is an older version of a punishment spell -- now discontinued for use by admins.

Things that may receive a Frozen Hell:

  • Multimaging.
  • Casting the spell "Serenity" on a non-ally/non-member of your guild/non-member of an allied guild in order to save them from a spell lock.
  • Account trading or inheriting.
  • Milking that has an impact on a mage.
  • Repeated use of disposable mages.
  • Use of scripts/bots to run a mage.


Banishment is the ultimate punishment a mage can receive. Banishment instantly ends the life of a mage and consigns it to hell (see Instant Fury of God). There is no reversal of a banishment, and once a mage is banished a player may only reincarnate a new mage.

Things that may receive a Banishment:

  • Repeated violation of the decalogue.
  • Offensive name.

Server Ban

A server ban is the ultimate punishment that a player can receive. Being banned from the server means that you will not be able to play on that server until a game admin removes the ban.

Things that may receive a server ban: