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The White Knight is a noble warrior, clad in glistening armor and hailing from the northern regions of ice and snow where even the Archmagi dare not travel. White Knights are gallant, and all but fearless in battle, living to slay the nightmares of others. Any man would be proud to serve under the leadership of one of these legends, and many knights come to offer their swords to them. There are legends about White Knights so powerful, that they could slay even the dragons of Terra in single combat.

Hero Statistics
Profession White Knight
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Race Human
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Male
Attack Power 10000 + 5000*level
Attack Type Melee Holy
Counter Attack 2000 + 1000*level
Hit Points 4000 + 2000*level
Upkeep Cost -5000 + 2500*level gold 5 + 2.5*level m.p.
Abilities Valor (9) Honor (16) Dragonslayer (20)
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Battle: Valor (Obtained at level 9)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 3% + 1% per skill level
  • Does not affect secondary attacks

Passive: Honor (Obtained at level 16)

Battle: Dragonslayer (Obtained at level 20)

  • Increases damage dealt to Dragons by 10% + 5% per skill level by all your units

Preferred Units