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The most treasured secret of the Elder Druids, only the most enlightened mage who are well versed in the arts of the woods are gifted with this ancient lore. It is a reminder to protect the land and its mysterious powers can grant longevity to any kingdom. It will increase amount of land you explore.

Spell Statistics
Name Nature's Lore
Magic Speciality Verdant
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 300,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost 150 m.p.
Related Unit


  • Increases your exploring
    • with +50% (i.e. to 150%) up to the server's exploration limit (if any)
    • always with at least +1 acre/turn, even when you are above exploring limit and would have explored 0 acres without Nature's Lore.
  • Gives a bonus to Elven units
    • 13% AP boost to primary and secondary attacks (at Icon VERDANT.gif 462 with GE 3 Spell Level).
    • 7% accuracy bonus (at normal Icon VERDANT.gif Spell Level).
  • Gives a bonus to Animal units
    • 25%-ish AP boost
    • 20%-ish HP boost
    • MrFantastic tested this bonus on Gorillas at SL 436. Modified stats were 302/100/366. [1]


In the far past, Nature's lore did other stuff (such as reducing your mana generation with 30%, and giving 1 acre each turn you moved). This is no longer the case.