Kiss of the Vampire

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This powerful necromantic spell inbues the vampiric effect on your troops and allow them to steal the life force of your enemy when they deliver a mortal blow. Area of effect: all your units.

Spell Statistics
Name Kiss of the Vampire
Magic Speciality Nether
Rank Complex
Attributes Instant/Battle
Cast Turn -
Cast M.P. 20,000
Research Cost 3,500
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


  • All units gain ability of Steal Life 10% on-color, 5% off-color.
  • Units that already have Steal Life have it raised to 10%, and in addition get a 3% (SL 470) accuracy bonus
  • On-color Icon NETHER.gif Kiss of the Vampire gives all units 10% Steal Life
    • This does not stack with Icon NETHER.gif Black Sabbath.
    • ^ Please elaborate. What doesn't stack? BS doesn't affect Steal Life anyway.