Resist Elements

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Through intense concentration, this spell will create an invisible barrier that increases all your units resistance to enemy eradication spells. Once they're enchanted, they receive effective protection against elemental spells.

Spell Statistics
Name Resist Elements
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 12
Cast M.P. 8,000
Research Cost 3,000
Upkeep Cost 150 m.p.
Related Unit


Adds Eradication Spell Resistance to all units (not Kingdom)

  • On color Icon ASCENDANT.gif: Adds SL*0.05% (~21%).
  • Off color Icon PHANTASM.gif/Icon VERDANT.gif: Adds SL*0.02% (9.4% - 12.4% generally)
  • Opposite color Icon ERADICATION.gif/Icon NETHER.gif: Adds SL*0.01% (~5%)
  • Does NOT apply any damage resistance.

Example: An Ascendant mage with a 500 SL would increase units Eradication spell resistance be 25% (0.0005 * 500) If you want to know what 'Elemental spells' are: check Arcfire and Firestorm. This spell does not add Spell Resistance that shows up on your Kingdom Report; it adds Eradication Magic resistance that helps a unit resist spells like Stun, Fireball, Lightning, etc.


  • Was believed to add 6% to resistance to fire, cold and lightning in the past. However, it does not appear to add any resistance to the aforementioned elements.