The Magic Mirror

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This circular mirror is made of glass. When you take a look at your reflection in the mirror, it suddenly says you are the 165789th prettiest person in the world. You cannot resist to ask the mirror "Who is the prettiest woman in the world?" It immediately shows the reflection of a stunning beauty so beautiful that you have never imagined such beauty before, not even in your secret dreams. So you begin to search for this woman, taking the mirror with you.

Item Details
Name The Magic Mirror
Attribute Unique Oneuse Selfonly
Charge turn 0


Example of use:
You begin using the item The Magic Mirror.
Roswitha the Good Enchantress (18) is now under your command.
You finished using the item The Magic Mirror on yourself.
The item The Magic Mirror is destroyed after use.

  • I was in negative MP income at the time, so I can confirm that it will still award the heroine without being in positive MP income.