Touch of Necromancy

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The spell will empower the caster with the power to bring the dead back to undead to serve in their afterlife. A part of the slained enemies will rise from the dead and turn into mindless zombies and join your army. The more powerful the archmage, the more zombies can be raised among the fallen ranks. However, this spell will drain part of your mana to sustain the zombies.

Spell Statistics
Name Touch of Necromancy
Magic Speciality Nether
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 50,000
Research Cost 3,000
Upkeep Cost 50 m.p.
Related Unit


  • Raises 30% of slain units from opponents army as Zombies, which join your army
  • Raises 2.8% of slain units from opponents army as Wraiths (with Undead Mastery skill level 10+) and Lich (at skill level 15+).
  • Touch of Necromancy is capped at replacing combat losses if your mana income is negative.
  • Touch of Necromancy can create units as long as your pop upkeep allows so. [1]
  • Decreases mana income by 3%

Amount raised is SL dependant, and is subject to randomness (about +/- 20% of %raised)

  • Icon NETHER.gif raise ~ (SL/50 + 20) %
  • Icon ASCENDANT.gif raise ~ (SL/100 + 5) %