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Little is known about this perverse arcana; it is rumoured that the spell was created by one of the most powerful black robes in the history of Terra whose hatred of angels was such that he had sworn to cause their downfall.

Spell Statistics
Name Corruption
Magic Speciality Nether
Rank Ancient
Attributes Instant/Summon, Selfonly, Selective
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 300,000
Research Cost -
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit -


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Casting Eligibility:

  • Black mages can cast this spell after they have learnt it (through Nether Parchment) or have purchased the spell from the Black Market's Exotic Mageware
  • Non-Black mages are forbidden to cast this spell even after obtaining it unless they have earned the Most Favored or Patron Status from Lucifer


Corruption can be supported at approximately 3000 acres as a black running Black Sabbath, which gives a lot of extra mana. Below that, it is nearly impossible to support the mana requirements of the units summoned, and they are undisbandable.

One big "problem" is that fallen troops have TREMENDOUS cost:net power ratios. Some of the worst in the game. Therefore, when people look at the ranking boards, you will appear like you have almost no army compared to the people around you. They may assume you are recently recovering from a Contract of the Soul.

However, Fallen Troops are insanely difficult to beat. Especially by anyone that attacks Black. Even very fat, using just FAA and FD with either Blue's Paralyze or Fog Cloud on defense, I probably lost 3 in 90+ battles. No item needed to be assigned--and I found it wasteful to assign any because I got attacked so much they quickly were used up.

Offense can be a problem. Fallen Troops are very powerful, but for their net power, it can be difficult to maintain an army and take land at even mid-levels. If you get a healthy chunk of FAA or FD you can probably just explore until 3500+ acres and never lose. But before then it's difficult to have enough fodder to also take land, because you'll almost certainly be negative mana and won't be able to summon anything except the fallen.

You also become susceptible to pillages. However, black is almost never pillaged because everyone assumes you will have mass zombies and/or skeletons.

It's kind of an all-or nothing spell. If you get Corruption early enough, you can rise without the traditional problems of black. You in essence become one of the hardest colors to beat in any kind of fight. But you give up a lot of offense to do it. I never managed to get it to high land, but a stack of fallen troops protecting the weaker black heavy hitters like Unholy Reapers would be scary.


This spell only really works for Icon NETHER.gif nethers, although it is attainable by all colors through the Black Market.

It has a very small chance to work for other colors, but only at very high spell level and with the help of god's Concentration etc.

Totally didnt work as a White.

This is what i got when i tried casting it.

You start to concentrate on the spell Corruption. Your God forbids you using this cursed spell! You finished casting the spell Corruption on yourself.

Spell Level 503 Concentration 777 Moon, the Light in the Night

Note that turns & mana will still be deducted. - GoeGoe

I could cast this as green, however you need to have Lucifer Most Favoured. Hardly worth it as you can only cast it while you have the requirements and the units just eat all your mana. - b3erserker

Distant Past

It worked very differently in the distant Archmage past, when it has been a battle spell for example.

Suggested Usage

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