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This ultimate enchantment will create a powerful illusion capable of covering your entire country. Invading armies will have difficulty locating your country and will sometimes walk through the heart of your country without realizing it.

Spell Statistics
Name Hallucination
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 200,000
Research Cost 40,000
Upkeep Cost 1,000 m.p.
Related Unit



When a mage attacks you, chance the attacker cannot find your country.

  • The attacker get's the message: "You could not find the location of MageName(#****)'s country so you couldnt attack him"
  • The attacker uses his turns and pays upkeeps for 2 turns, but not his war expenses.
  • The defender does NOT get a counter for a hallucination-blocked attack.
  • Chance for blocking using Hallucination depends on spell levels from caster and attacker.
    • Hallucination block chance = 30% + 0.1% x (hallu_SL - attacker_SL) Capped at 95% block chance on all servers except Beta Server (50% on Beta Server)
      • Example: Red SL 477 hits blue with Hallucination SL 631. The block chance is 30% + 0.1% x (631 - 477) = 30% + 15.4% = 45.4%
    • Also, attacking into a kingdom under Hallucination adds 10% fatigue to all the attacker's units. The fatigue effect is not SL dependent.
  • On the Beta Server, Hallucination does not work during Armageddon

In practice:

  • half of the mages gives up, the other half just tries again.
  • This is a nice thing to have when you attacked a black mage and you expect to be devil-countered
  • Great if you've spelled a mage and he tries to hit/pillage it off -- he will run turns of the spell when hallucination blocks.

As of August 2007

  • Hallucination reduces efficiency by 10% (presumably at base spell level)


Advisable in war, or to discourage and protect you from devil counters, or if you really want to prevent as many randoms as possible.

Most players will ignore hallucination-blocked attacks, and random again. See ROE. This makes attack blocking a relatively minor boost. The efficiency reduction is the more helpful effect.

On the other hand, occasionally some poor guy will get blocked five times in a row and just give up.

Also great for stopping pillages, since it reduces the geld per turn gained by the attacker, to the point where he won't bother.