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This spell will magically transport geld from your enemy's coffers into your treasury and leave useless fool's gold behind to hide your gain. Some of the stolen geld, however, get lost to the void while being teleported.

Spell Statistics
Name Fool's Gold
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant
Cast Turn 5
Cast M.P. 100,000
Research Cost 10,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


removes a random amount of Geld from a target of your choice. you get a portion of it, but the portion that you get is random.


this is one of the best spells to use when trying to kill a red mage considering how high the geld upkeep is for red units.

Fact: The closer in NP your target, the more effective this spell will be. You'll both receive and steal a greater percentage than when you target a mage of much lower NP (unsure of what happens when targetting a much higher NP mage, though I suspect it's much the same results as targetting significantly lower mages. Input on higher NP mages anyone?)

- Tested on Sep 2014: It seems as if the spell is more effective against similar NP and high netpower mages, but significantly less effective against lower ranked mages.