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This is the most powerful Eradication spell. It will cause most violent volcanic eruptions in your enemy's country. It will destroy land, maim citizens, eradicate armies and leave your enemy thunderstruck with shock and dismay. Fortunately, the Council only allows 10 such spells to be used against any mage. In addition, this spell is most effective when used against enemy with close net power to the caster. It's effectivness drops as the difference in power increases.

Spell Statistics
Name Volcano Eruption
Magic Speciality Eradication
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant, Limitcount, Ranged
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 200,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


  • Destroys 27 * (1000 + 4*[SL] / 1000) * [random between 0.8 and 1.2] buildings per cast
  • Units killed starts from 10%, pop killed from 20%. Unit kill effectiveness is reduced down to (1-0.065)^2 * [number of VE cast] within any 24 hour period
  • Both unit and pop are affected also by the range.
  • Range is 100% at equal NP, 75% at 2x NP, and 50% at 3x target's NP, and 0% lower than 1/3 or higher than 3x. Example: a 10m NP mage casting VE on a 5m NP mage will destroy 75% of the maximum number of units and pop.
  • range does not affect buildings destroyed.
  • Volcano Eruption can give you a counter (Wink of Goddess of Revenge) if someone casts it on you.
  • There is a maximum of 10 VE's that a target can have received in last 24 hours (VE protection).  This does not apply during Armageddon.

Due to the range effect, repeated VE's will have diminishing returns as the target's NP drops and the range increases

Note: this code is only for beta/blitz, the other servers have different code for VE at this time.

Beta Server

As of February 2021 reset, Volcano Eruption now only does 40% of its usual building damage during Armageddon; the other effects of Volcano Eruption remain unchanged.


  • Mainly in war, for example to finish off last forts when a target is out of reach.
  • Another use is banging targets from below. VE the target down, and then you can begin banging. As noted above, you can kill ~45% of the target's army before you even begin hitting. VE damage does not count towards 'Damaged' status.
  • if target has a lot of wilderness on his land, Volcano Eruption appears to become more effective in destroying the last buildings, on the other hand... the supposed ranged effect will kick in more and more.