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Getting Heroes

There are a number of ways to gain heroes and these are listed below

Joining the Battle

Heroes will lead stacks according to their power, so the highest level hero in your army will lead your most powerful stack and so on; however, heroes will lead units that are the same race and color (for instance, even if you only have a Berserker, it will lead Dwarven Deathseekers even if Red Dragons are your top stack). Heroes will die in battle when the stack that they command is completely destroyed and the damage dealt is sufficient to completely take off the hitpoint of the hero. e.g. level 17 Illusionist leads Phoenix. A stack of Red Dragon deals a final blow of 226000 damage to the remaining 3 Phoenix(with 70000 hp). The stack will be wiped off but the hero survives as a level 17 Illusionist has a hp of 18000 while 3 Phoenix have a total of 210000 hp. So the total amount of damage needed to clear the stack and kill that hero should be 228000. Therefore, with only 226000, the hero survives.

Leading a Stack

  • On DEFENSE (Regular and Siege), heroes will lead any stack (even 1 militia or 1 sheep).
  • On OFFENSE (Regular and Siege),
    • If you send a very small stack (less then 10% of your total power), the hero will not lead it.
    • If you send a big stack in company with small stacks, heroes can lead all stacks.
      • Note that very small stacks may not be targeted if they are under a certain % of your NP.


  • When color AND race of a stack match that of the hero, a hero will prefer to lead that stack.
  • In any other case (no match, only color matches, only race matches), the hero prefers to lead the highest powerranked stack
    • If you have two heroes of the same Race and Color, the highest level hero chooses stack preference first.
    • If you have several heroes, the most experienced (highest level) hero is matched first.
  • If there are more battle heroes than stacks,
    • the not-preferred stack hero stays home (if there is a preferred hero-stack match in the army send to battle),
    • the lowest level hero stays home.
      • long ago multiple heroes could jointly lead one and the same stack - that was abandoned in TR.

When In the Battle

Efficiency Bonus when leading preferred stack

If a Hero commands a stack of the same colour and race as the hero this stack receives a bonus to efficiency equal to the heros level in percent. This goes for the start of the battle. Soon as the unit hits and or is hit, the Fatigue effect comes in to play.

  • Example: Level 16 Fire Elementalist commands stack of Efreeti.
    • Efreeti start with 100% efficiency + 16% bonus = 116% efficiency (100% default)
    • After their primary attack (init 4) they lose 15% as normal = 101% efficiency (85% default)
    • After one hit they again lose 15% = 86% efficiency (70% default)

Attack of the hero

  • Right after the primary or secondary attack of the stack, to the same stack.

Heroes' spells and resistance

  • If one of your heroes casts a spell or uses an ability, that can be resisted, just as any other spell.
  • Hero colour determines the colour of the spell/skill.

How Heroes are Lost in Combat:

  • Stack wiping the hero led stack will usually kill a hero
    • but... for the hero to die, there needs to be enough damage left over after the stack is killed, to kill the hero also.
    • In a close call, it thus is possible to have a hero-lead stack completely die, while the hero manages to survive.

Hero Experience

With every turn you spend, your hero gains experience points. When you collected enough experience, your hero raises a level. The latter may switch on new abilities and increase the effect of already acquired abilities.

Experience gain

Battle Heroes:

  • Slow servers (Arch 1/12 min): 9.6 experience per turn + 24 experience for leading a stack in a battle (win or not)
  • Normal servers (Guild, Solo 1/7min): 6 experience per turn + 11 experience for leading a stack in a battle (win or not)
  • Fast servers (Beta 1/5 min): 4 experience per turn + 8 experience for leading a stack in a battle (win or not)

Non-Battle Heroes:

  • Slow servers (Arch 1/12 min): 14.38 experience per turn
  • Normal servers (Guild, Solo 1/7min): 8.4 experience per turn
  • Fast servers (Beta 1/5 min): 6 experience per turn


  • For a hero to go up a level, it requires 1,000 * (current level) experience points for each additional level.

Section 7 - Heroes and Heroins of Alzorath's FAQ v0.2 shows a table format of the hero levels from zero up to 40; however, the lowest level heroes available start from level 8 as most heroes have thier first abilities when they reach level 9.

Gods testing heroes

When a god turns from favour to disfavour, one of your heroes may be tested by a God. The possible outcomes are: your hero gains one level, your hero stays, your hero dies.

Example: Gaining Sun's favour while having Moon's favour. Get a hero, and get it leveled right after.

You offered 30,000,000 gold to Sun, the Father of the Sky.
Sun, the Father of the Sky seems to be very pleased by your generous donation.
Inner strength filled your spirit.
Your action has gained you the favour of Sun, the Father of the Sky.
The hero Vendu Clatian Berserker came to you and offered to serve under your command.
You sense a heavenly conflict between Sun, the Father of the Sky and Moon, the Light in the Night.
You hear roar in anger. You are now disfavoured by Moon, the Light in the Night.
Moon, the Light in the Night tested your hero Vendu Clatian Berserker.
Vendu Clatian Berserker passed Moon, the Light in the Night's test.
Moon, the Light in the Night is pleased with Vendu Clatian's performance.

Sat Mar 15 18:24:43 2008
Vendu Clatian Berserker became level 18.

Hero Abilities

Note: The annotated list of hero abilities has moved.

Above some minimum level of experience, heroes unlock their abilities. When the hero increases in level, the unlocked ability also becomes more powerful. Most heroes have two abilities, one unlocking in the level 8-10 range, and one unlocking in the level 13-17 range. The abilities are briefly described in the encyclopedia. Two types of hero abilities exist: battle and non-battle. Non-battle heroes only have non-battle abilities, battle heroes can have both.

Note that some hero abilities can be turned off (click audience in the main menu). This removes any hidden upkeep associated with that specific ability.

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