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It takes enourmous power to shake the earth, and the results are equally powerful. Earthquakes do minor damage to towns and buildings above ground, but they have a devastating effect on the mana flow to nodes.

Spell Statistics
Name Earthquake
Magic Speciality Eradication
Rank Ancient
Attributes Instant, Ranged
Cast Turn 5
Cast M.P. 100,000
Research Cost -
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit -

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  • After it is cast, and if it successfully makes it through the target's Barrier Resistance:
    • It drains all of the caster's mana,
    • It then drains mana from the target up to 100% of what the caster lost after cast cost is paid, depending on two factors.
      • Range
        • If the caster has lower net power, mana taken = X*mana lost, with X being equivalent to CasterNP/TargetNP.
        • If the caster has higher NP, mana taken = X*mana lost, with X being equivalent to (TargetNP/CasterNP)*2.
      • Off Color Casting
        • For adjacent color EQ, mana taken is 80% of what it would be on color, and the cast cost is 150%.
        • For opposite color EQ, mana taken is 70% of what it would be on color, and the cast cost is 200%.
    • Spell level plays no part in the effectiveness of EQ.

Sample Result

Sample 1:
Caster's Net Power: 4,428,166
Target's Net Power: 4,305,414

You start to concentrate on the spell Earthquake.

You lost 587,618 m.p.
Seismic vibrations caused ------'s nodes to leak 534,335 m.p.

You finished casting the spell Earthquake on -------.

Obtained via: