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This spell will restore the balance of everything, thus dispelling most existing enchantment spells, beneficial or harmful, in a specific place.

Spell Statistics
Name Serenity
Magic Speciality Verdant
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant
Cast Turn 8
Cast M.P. 300,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


  • Once Serenity passes barriers:
    • It dispels one enchantment, and has a chance to dispel more
    • Any additional enchantments have a 40% chance (at normal spell level) to be dispelled
    • Serenity DOES remove God Enchantments.
  • The spell targets (since august 2009, [1]):
    • enemy's good spells first,
    • ally's good spells last.
  • The spell will (eventually) remove
    • enchantments cast by yourself (for your benefit),
    • as well as those cast over you by others (trying to damage you),
    • except NO-DISPEL enchantments.

  • Serenity is most-effective on mages of lower spell level
    • Serenity is more effective at higher spell level (removes more enchantments) - before casting, getting Magic Favour is a good idea.
    • Serenity is less effective when there is a large power-difference (gap in ranks) between caster and receiver.
  • Serenity can trigger a counter of the Wink of Goddess of Revenge type, but does not always.
    • if it did trigger a counter, it means the serenity is listed in the Chronicle of Terra.

Serenity and the Decalogue

The spell can be used by green mages only since it is an ultimate spell. Any green mage that is asked to give a serenity has to be very careful not to break the decalogue (un-guilded coordination) in doing so.

  • the spell can be used in several ways:
    • to remove enchantments on an enemy mage before you attack (e.g. get rid of a green's Plant Growth)
    • to remove enchantments on a friend to save him/her from damage by enemies (e.g. get a rid of a Death and Decay)
    • to remove a lot of enchantments on yourself at once (expensive in m.p. - but fool proof - you need to put your own number as the target).

The decalogue (and the admins) allow the following uses of the spell

  • Serenity on an enemy, followed by an attack
  • Serenity on an ally
  • Serenity on a guild mate
  • Serenity on a allied guild member
  • Serenity on yourself (duh)

Not allowed is:

  • Serenity from a non-guilded (ND) mage on a non-ally, to remove third-party enchantments.
  • Serenity from a guilded mage on a member of another, non-allied guild
    • i.e. being a member of a guild does not grant you the rights to do serenities on anyone.


Beta Server's Serenity is offensive in nature. To free a mage from harmful enchantments on Beta Server, the Serenity caster(s) must target the mage(s) that cast those enchantments.

Extra spell level allegedly helps Serenity... buy ancient spells before taking up the role of serenity mage, and get favoured by Magic before you go on a casting spree!


The rare Icon VERDANT.gif ancient spell Cancellation is a more powerful version of Serenity

Serenity is no longer cast by gods, since august 2009 [2].

Gods can cast Icon PLAIN.gif Spell Strike (when they are annoyed, they remove your beneficial enchantments).

Gods can cast Icon PLAIN.gif Indulgence of God (when they are pleased, they remove your harmful enchantments, including epidemics).