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By signing a pact with Satan, you have gained his favour through selling your soul. He will send forth cohorts of Devils under the commandment of devil prince to aid you. Entire cohort will take part in defensive battles, and in counters, ensuring your victory. But be warned! These devils will not leave your army and they need to be fed every day with massive human and geld sacrifice. They will only go back to hell when there's no man left in your country, or when they become bored. After that, you cannot sign another pact before you fulfill current contract.

Spell Statistics
Name Contract of the Soul
Magic Speciality Nether
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly, Nocancel, Nodispel, Requirepop, Contract
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 1,000,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost 6,666 people
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  • Contract of the Soul is an enchantment that for its upkeep eats a big lot of population every turn you take.
  • It makes Devils appear in your battles for a maximum of 24 hours and 30 minutes on all servers others except for Lightning Server (12 hours and 30 minutes on Lightning Server), or as long as you manage to upkeep the enchantment.
  • On defense and in counters, Devils show up in such numbers that they almost always stack wipe the top stack of the enemy.
  • Spending turns under this enchantment makes you lose your pop in a hurry, and when that happens the devils leave. You will lose geld too.
  • After casting Contract of the Soul, a Devil Prince is automatically summoned and stays with you for 72 hours 13 minutes and 20 seconds after which he will automatically go away
    • The Devil Prince can not be dismissed and prevents you from taking geld, items and population home via pillaging
    • The Devil Prince prevents you from casting [[Contract_of_the_Soul

|Contract of the Soul]]

For hours of entertainment try our new flavor, Fun With Devils at Low Levels. Sit land fat on about 4 million power and contract. Come back in 24 hours for a great laugh.

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Notes of Interest (Updated December 2011):

  • Upon casting CoS, for the next 72 hours, your Black Sabbath spell will no longer generate the "static" mana that adds to your kingdom's upkeep. However, the "random" mana generated per turn taken will continue to be awarded. When the devil prince has left your kingdom, you will see that the "static" mana generation of Black Sabbath returned as per normal.
  • It is not a requirement as part of the contract to force expiry via population depletion.
  • When CoS is activated, Satan will send devils to aid you in warfare. The amount sent on a "non-machine-counter" is going to be less than 50, almost as useful as an ally who sends you 50 water elementals as reinforcement. The amount sent on a "defense" or "machine-counter" is going to be proportional to the population you have [number of devils = Floor(15 x SL + 3 x sqrt(pop))]. The exact value is unknown, but I estimate it to be 1/80 of your max population, i.e. with 700,000 population, Satan will send 9000 devils, equivalent to 9000 water elementals as reinforcement. During Armageddon, the number of devils sent will decline dramatically, making CoS extremely unattractive to use at this time.
  • Having CoS upon does not make you invulnerable. Your kingdom will engage in warfare under normal victory regulations
  • Having CoS activated will stunt population income. In addition, for every turn you take, you will lose approximately 10,000,000 Gold and 100,000 Population in addition to your normal unit upkeep. Typically at 3,000 acres, you should be expecting around 250,000 Population lost for every attack conducted under CoS.
  • At 3,500 acres, you should be expecting around 450,000 Population lost for every attack conducted under CoS as well as around 70,000,000 Gold Lost in total.
  • Since Devils are reinforcements, they are not affected by the item Ash of Invisibility. Devils can also be blocked by the spell Hallucination, and potentially by the spell Dreams of Seduction. (Jello, 2013)
  • Loss of geld by deviling will be greatly minimized by "loaning" money on Black Market; i.e. bidding most of your geld for a hero that you know someone is going to outbid you for. (as long as you use the devils before you get outbid.) A good strategy is to bid all but 10 million or so geld. If you get outbid, you have only spent about 7-9 million geld for devils. (Jello, 2013)